A deluxe fortune teller! Just flip or shake your iPhone or iPod - ask it a question - and your answer will appear like magic.


Unlike other fortune apps, you can switch between different fortunes and themes, not just a magic 8 ball or a monkey. Also, you can download more themes and fortunes to this application. ALL FOR FREE.

Switch from various fortune teller modes by clicking the icon at the bottom - choose between basic responses, also "Zen", "Weird", "WWJD", "New Years Resolutions" and now "Programming Languages" (you know, for kids).

For added fun, you can choose the iBalls style as a crystal ball, gold bling, a smiley face ball, an eye ball, a black ball, ball-o-lantern or full-screen mode.

Never be lost for an answer again.
Email admin@ziggypod.com for theme ideas or requests.